The Moors & I

“She found in the bleak solitude many and dear delights; and not the least and best-loved was – liberty." Charlotte Bronte


I would love to say I was feeling these exact words when these shots were taken but it would be a lie. Husband/photographer Jim had our one year old daughter attached to his back, our rebellious toddler was being rebellious, and Beagle kept vanishing. You see, we moved to Baildon, West Yorkshire just over a year ago, and one of its main selling points were these nearby Moors. My team of three need exhausting daily so these hills, spiky fauna and purple heather have quickly become home. Using them for these self portraits was an obvious choice and the tones in the landscape feel like one big hug!

It feels so strange to be focusing on something for myself after taking a long break from the professional world. In this last week, I’ve felt my light shining more brightly than usual, which probably coincides with all of this! So for this first blog, I thought it only right I get in front of the lens (instead of behind it) so that I could introduce myself properly, even if I did feel super awks to begin with! Having your picture taken is a big deal - I don’t care what anyone else says - it really is! You have to psych yourself up and take deep breaths before letting your soul out of its box. But the result can be GOLD, and you can keep it close forever!

So what do I do? How long have I taken pictures for?

I fell in love with photography when Sonny turned up! I loved capturing his daily changes, cheekiness and and general tininess! His pictures gave me a purpose when I was knee deep in milk and self-sacrifice! After sharing some images, I was asked to take pictures of other families before realising this was what I wanted to do as a real life job! Since then, I’ve photographed weddings and even done a little brand and fashion work. I spent last year pretty much saying ‘yes’ to every opportunity that came my way, exploring my discomfort zone along the way. In 2019, I’m finally comfortable saying ‘I’m a photographer,’ so now it’s all about reaching out to ‘my people’ and letting you know, ‘I can take your picture and I reckon you’ll love it.’