Meet Mini & Me Motherhood

“Love, friendship, networking - these are all critical connections and the foundation of a healthy, happy life.”
Whitney Wolfe Herd


It’s very early days for my business and I’m realising fast, that it’s not just about taking a great picture. You have to be jack of all trades if you have any hope of creating a brand that embodies everything you offer. As well as being a photographer, I have to be a marketing guru, a social media/digital expert, a creative, a good writer, a SEO genius, and lastly a mother! This isn’t going to happen overnight because my skills are rusty (and some are non-existent), but I’m hoping if I dig deep, educate myself and lean on others for advice, support and wine, I might just get there!

And someone who is a lovely 'lean’ is Helen, of ‘Mini and Me Motherhood.’ I met her at a self-care dinner last year and loved her immediately. She just gets it, whether that be struggling with the kids, feeling ‘new business’ overwhelm or just trying to get one measly moment to prioritise thoughts, we are in the same boat. I’d really underestimated how lovely it is sharing a boat with someone, even if it is a bit leaky! There’s power in sharing problems and skills, and when you come across a new connection, you feel this drive to be of value. What can you offer them that helps them along the way? And in return, you receive something just as good - their expertise, friendship, more contacts, idea generation, encouragement. It’s been a lightbulb moment!

So just before Christmas, we arranged a shoot day at Leeds East Airport to capture Helen representing her brand. On arrival we were directed to ‘hangar 3’ where real life planes and helicopters greeted us. Once we accepted they weren’t taking us anywhere warm, they just became intimidating, well polished props! It was an absolute blast sharing a hangar with Helen and Chrys (phenomenal MUA) and these images are the result of a little networking! Turns out this aspect of business growth might not be so daunting after all!