Eh up, I’m Laura!

I lead a very simple life here in Yorkshire looking after my two kids and giddy Beagle. My husband used to be our family photographer, but I stole that role because domestic housewife was a sucky title! I love taking pictures that are affectionate, nostalgic and above all, capture ‘just as you are’ moments (direct reference to Bridget Jones!) I’m a sucker for happy endings, but capturing vulnerability whilst trying to embrace my own gives me butterflies! I feel at ease dancing around you with a camera but I’m rhythmically challenged so unless I’ve had a bottle of fizz, I won’t be shaking it in public (thank god!) Last year, I discovered wild swimming which gives me a huge buzz, as does being barefoot, eating a plant based diet and having a bash at growing (or killing) them! We love being outdoors so come May, we’ll pack up our bell tent and thermals, and pick somewhere beautiful to pitch up! On long journeys, I talk my husband’s ear off but he puts up with it because I bring good snacks! When he gifts me loose tea, he’s my favourite person for at least 20 minutes! I’m a typical Aries, full of fire, but I really value quiet time away from the noise. I shoot with my heart. That’s probably the main thing you should know.